‘Us Women’, an ODE to African women

PRETORIA – As the year 2021 draws to an end, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt.


However, 2021 wasn’t all doom and gloom for African women in tax… The United Nations tax committee appointed three African women as part of the 25 experts for the new leadership and the African Tax Administration Forum launched the ATAF Women In Tax Network (AWITN).


The AWITN represents and connects the women of Africa working in taxation with the aim of furthering discussion on the effect of tax policy on gender equality and empowering women in tax.


The Network’s Ms Veronique Herminie Sinon dedicated a poem to inspire and promote women’s sense of self-worth.


Us Women

Born of strength

Studied at length

Secrets we clench

Created with patience

Driven to resilience

With the gift of silence

Kept our distance

Found a stance 


Us Women

Blessed to nurture

Make peace and pleasure

Home and hearth we keep

Selfless with love so deep

For keen and foe

But never once should we bow

Nor be broken or tiptoe

For those who bring our self-esteem low


Us Women

With pride we should stand

We are a brand

Through life we empower

Through work we can prosper

With much style and grace, 

Keep up the pace

Win the race, 

Be a learner, a leader, an achiever 


Us Women – Together we can be better! 


By VHS (Veronique Herminie Sinon)


Ms Herminie is a member of the AWITN and the Revenue Commissioner in Seychelles.

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