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  • bringing women in tax together

A unique environment

The mission of the ATAF Women in Tax Network is to provide a unique environment for women in tax related fields in Africa to connect, collaborate and develop and raise awareness of the interconnectivity of tax policy and gender equality.  

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To bring gender issues in tax to the forth

The ATAF Women in Tax Network (AWITN) represents and connects the women of Africa working in taxation with the aim of furthering discussion on the effect of tax policy on gender equality and empowering women in tax. The network is an association which encourages the participation of African women working in taxation in Government, private sector, civil society and academia.  

tax and gender

AWITN aims to look at tax and gender from different perspectives including, but not exclusively, implicit biases in tax structures, differing experiences of women in relation to tax officials, whether men and women react to compliance measures differently, the role of women in the tax administration, the informal economy etc. 


AWITN works to improve gender balance in leadership positions in tax related organisations, by acting as a facilitator for institutional changes and to identify ways of implementing that change. The Network also serves as a support platform at a more individual level to women in tax by facilitating mentoring and other development opportunities. 

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Who can join AWITN and how?

AWITN Membership is open to African females working with an institution within Africa or around the world in the field of tax or with an active interest in tax related activities. 

Applying for an AWITN Membership is simple. However, applications are subject to approval by the AWITN Board. Applications are done by completing and submitting the online application form. Institutions are required to provide an organisation profile as part of the application process.


African female students within Africa or around the world undertaking courses in the field of tax or with an active interest in tax related activities.

Meet the board

The Board of AWITN is responsible for managing and developing a sustainable framework for the work of the Network. It also guides its annual work programme.

MS Veronique Herminie


Ms J. Jeneba bangura


Ms Varsha Singh

Board Member

Ms Chenai Mukumba

Board Member

Ms Dinina-Dama Bamaze

Board Member

Ms Regina Chinamasa

Board Member

Ms Yanga Mputa

Board Member

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